You’ll Never Meet Mac Demarco

MICA’s Rivals of the West Theatre Company brings you an all MICA original production, "You’ll Never Meet Mac DeMarco", for its 10th anniversary, 2018 spring production in BBOX. The show opens on Thursday April 5, 2018 for its world premiere and runs for eight performances. The play was conceived, written, and produced by the all-MICAN Rivals Company. "You’ll Never Meet Mac DeMarco" is our play–by us, about us, and for us—and for everyone else who might wonder what’s it’s really like to go to art school. It is a funny and bittersweet slice of MICAN life, sort of a “portrait of young artists trying to hold it together and mostly succeeding. Maybe.”

Performances Dates: April 5 // April 6 // April 7 // April 8 // April 12 // April 13 // April 14 // April 15 (Thursday through Sunday over two weekends)
All performances at 8 P.M.
BBOX, The Gateway
1601 W. Mount Royal Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21217

Ticket prices:
MICA students - $5
General Admission - $10
Tickets are available at the MICA store,, and online at


Rachel Hall


Rachel is a sophomore Illustration student and theater concentrator from Lafayette, CO. Over the course of the past six years, Rachel has been involved in 15 plays and musicals, both on and off stage. This is her second year acting in a Rivals production, and her first time ever co-writing a script. She is excited to have the unique opportunity of creating a story and then bringing it to life.

Rebecca Luo


Rebecca is a sophomore animation student. Wrote scripts for her G.W. Carver Center film class. This is her first time acting since she her part as the evil mother in Hansel and Gretel when she was 7. She is a scriptwriter and the role of Kat for You'll Never Meet Mac Demarco.

Leo Rojas


Leo plays Miguel in the play.

Crystal Cheng


Crystal is a freshman Film&Video major, from Dalian, China. She played Riff Raff in Your New Commanders 2017 shadow-cast production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and helped with the set construction for Thespian Club's production of Noises Off. She has been in theatre for five years, but this is her first time acting on an 'actual' set. She also wants to remind you not to mess her name up with that of her character in the play, Christina.

Jenna Rayman


Jenna Rayman is a senior Art History major, with concentrations in Graphic Design, Theatre, and Curatorial Studies, as well as a minor in Culture and Politics from Baltimore, Maryland. She is one of the co-presidents of Thespian Club. Previously, she has appeared as Dotty in Noises Off, Tupolski in The Pillowman, Amanda in The Glass Menagerie, and Una in Blackbird. This is her 6th and final production at MICA.

Joy (Jiayi) Li


Joy is a freshman Interdisciplinary Sculpture major, from Beijing, China. This is her first year acting in a theatre, and her first time ever co-writing a script.

Aimee Hawley

John H.B. Latrobe

Loves cats.

Don Vikle (Braedon Wikle)

Professor/ Bartender/ R.A.

Don Vikle, also known as Braedon Wikle, is elated to be performing as the Professor, Bartender, and RA in his third show with the Rivals of the West’s production of You’ll Never Meet Mac Demarco. He’s worked primarily in Improvisational Theatre, yet his recent theatrical roles have included Katurian in The Pillowman, and Tom in MICA Thespian Club's 2016 production of The Glass Menagerie. Don hopes you enjoy the show!


Christopher Shipley

Producer and Director

Christopher Shipley (PhD, University of Chicago) is Coordinator of the Theater Concentration and Professor of Humanistic Studies at MICA, where he has taught drama courses for 34 years. He is also Co-Director of MICA’s artist residency program in Brittany, France. In 2008 he created MICA’s Rivals of the West Theatre Company and “The Play’s the Thing,” the cross-disciplinary course responsible for this year’s production of You’ll Never Meet Mac DeMarco



Kris Messer holds an M.F.A. in playwriting from Brown University and a Ph.D. in Theatre History and Performance Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is interested in community-based and socially engaged performance and dramaturgy. She is the resident dramaturge at Cohesion Theatre Company. She is thrilled to be working with Rivals again this year. Kris teaches in the Department of Humanistic Studies at MICA.

Frank Fantauzzi

Technical Director

Frank Fantauzzi is currently the Chair of Architectural Design at MICA. He has taught in numerous architecture and design programs in Canada, the United States, and Finland. Parallel to teaching, Fantauzzi has also been engaged in an ongoing art practice founded in 1989. His work is multidisciplinary in nature, often collaborative and focuses on large-scale installations and outdoor constructions that explore the parallels between social and tectonic structures. He is a founding member of the collaborative.

Maya Graffagna

Costume Director

Maya Graffagna is a Costume and Graphic Designer in New York City. Recent credits include Costume Designer for Two Gentlemen of Verona (C.A.G.E. Productions), White Rabbit Tales: Tales for Adults (Spotlight On!) and PLACES (Parity Productions and Yonder Window Theatre Company). She is a founding member of the sketch comedy group Dave's Friends. She was a prominent member of Rivals of the West during her time as undergrad at MICA, and is very excited to be now teaching that same class.

Suzanne Sferrazza

Stage Manager

Suzanne is a Junior Photography major and Theatre concentrator from Long Island, NY. This is Suzanne's third year with the Rivals of the West. Suzanne is also a co-president of MICA's Thespian Club. She has worked in theatre for six years; her previous work includes last spring’s production of The Pillowman. You'll Never Meet Mac DeMarco is the ninth show she has stage managed. She is thrilled to be part of this unique and exciting production!

Will Blankin

Technical Design Assistant

Will Blankin is a MICA grad with an irrepressible passion for theater. He is excited to take part in crafting this year's experimental stage set with Rival's wildly talented cast and crew. A performer at heart, Will has acted in several MICA productions but crossed over to the technical team after helping build the set for last year's production, Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman. He currently lives and works in Baltimore.

Mubtasin Zaman

Mubtasin Zaman (GFA ’17) is a fine artist and makeup artist from Long Island, NY. He is beyond thrilled to be returning to Rivals of the West to help assist with costumes and makeup. With Rivals, Mubtasin has previously worked on The Pillowman, Jailbait, Blackbird, The Man of Mode, and Little Shop of Horrors. At MICA, he was also president of the Thespian Club, directing productions such as The Glass Menagerie and Almost, Maine.

Sumin Lee

Technical Designer

Sumin Lee is in sophomore GFA major, Illustration, and Theatre concentrator. Interested in space design.

Chloe Li

Technical Designer

Chloe(Chuqiao) Li, from Beijing, China. Third-year interested in theater. It is her first year in the US, the first year at MICA, and the first year at setting.

Annie Song

Technical Designer

Annie is a bubble tea addict living on the streets of Surrey, BC. She also likes to drink ginger ale. Theatre is cool.

Iris Guo

Technical Designer

Iris Guo is a freshman GFA major, illustration concentrator, from Shenzhen, China. This is her first time participating in theater and setting.

Carida (Xiaolin) Yuan

Technical Designer/Publicity

Carida is a Sophomore Graphic Design student, also an International student from Dalian, China. This is her first year in theater production, specialized in set design at MICA. She is also a member of the Advertising team, and helps with updating the website information for "You'll Never Meet Mac DeMarco".

Christine (Hyeji) An

Technical Designer

Christine(Hyeji) is a junior GFA major, with concentrations in Graphic Design, Photography, and Theatre. This is her second year participating in theatre technical team. She loves to be a part of the team.

Youme Kim

Technical Designer

Youme is in the technical design team.

Youn Lim

Technical Designer

Youn is a senior student at MICA and in the technical design team.

Tyrese Solomon

Technical Designer/Publicity

Tyrese Solomon is a very cheerful Junior Graphic Designer at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She took part in the set design, lighting, and advertising team in this theatre production and is interested in future theatre work.

Yeon Jae Kim

Documentation/ Publicity

YeonJae is a senior Graphic Design major who is also interested in theatre design. This is her first time participating in the play, so she is very excited about it. She is part of the documentation group and advertisement group.

Michelle Moon

Documentation/ Publicity

Michelle Moon is a senior Painting major and also interested in photography. This is her first experience in documenting and advertising the play.

Lusi Cai

Costume Designer

Lusi is a Freshman Fiber Major student, who's born in China and living in United State for six years, have four years of sewing experience and addicted to watching dramas and movies.

Beck Hastings

Costume Designer

Beck is in the costume team of the play.

Chengming (Miranda) Peng

Costume Designer

Miranda is a freshman who now in Graphic Design major. She is interested in fashion design and wants to learn some skills about how to making cloth.

Rivers (Qinnan Zhu)

Costume Designer

Rivers is a freshman.

Kelsey Sawyers

Costume Designer

Kelsey is a Senior General Fine Arts student graduating this May. She is interested in costuming and theatrical makeup and this is her first time working on a Rivals of the West Production. She is very excited to be a part of the team this year

Production Management

Christopher Shipley, Suzanne Sferrazza, Aimee Hawley, Crystal Cheng , Don Vikle (Braedon Wikle), Rachel Hall, Rebecca Luo, Leo Rojas, Joy (Jiayi) Li, Jenna Rayman

The production team is responsible for writing the script and acting.

Costume Design

Maya Graffagna, Mubtasin Zaman, Lusi Cai, Beck Hastings, Evie Huang, Chengming (Miranda) Peng, Rivers (Qinnan) Zhu, Kelsey Sawyers

The Costume Crew handles design, construction, alteration, and care of costumes, shoes, and accessories to help express the characters and enhance the overall look of the play. The costumers are very excited to be working with a large crew.

Technical Design

Frank Fantauzzi, Will Blankin, Sumin Lee, Chloe Li, Iris Guo, Annie Song, Carida (Xiaolin) Yuan, Christine (Hyeji) An , Youme Kim, Youn Lim, Tyrese Solomon

The Technical Design team department is in charge of transforming the design plans into the physical set, designing, treating, and decorating all of the surfaces in the set, facilitating the collection of objects the actors will interact with in the production from sourcing and manipulating objects as well as fabricating original pieces, while working closely with each department to create a cohesive aesthetic directing all the non-interactive furniture and stage positioning, and works closely with all other departments, designing, hanging, and lighting the show by working closely with the all departments, creating a brand identity for the play and handles publicity. In addition to creating print materials, the technical design department manages the Rivals of the West's web presence, connects with local media, and works closely with the MICA's photography and advertising departments.