Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors is a dark musical comedy that takes place in a Skid Row flower shop, where Seymour, a well-meaning but unlucky and naive clerk spends his days doing menial tasks and day-dreaming about Audrey, the shop assistant and secret love of his life. Seymour’s luck begins to change when he encounters a mysterious plant that he names Audrey II. Soon, Seymour discovers Audrey II’s unique appetite, and he has to decide how far he is willing to go to get out of Skid Row.


Seán O’Brien


Seán O'Brien is very excited to be playing the part of Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors. Seán has participated in theatre since the sixth grade and is thrilled to be able to continue at MICA. He'd like to thank his family and sister for supporting him through the arts and for all his friends for accepted his musical theatre obsession.

Chelsea Beck


Chelsea is a Sophomore Illustration major imported all the way from sunny Cleveland, Ohio. When she isn't in her dorm room connected to an IV of coffee, you can probably spot her at some sort of tiny concert or eating something really really unhealthy.

Simeon Ellis

The Plant

Simeon J. Ellis is a 2D animation senior at MICA. He has only had a little experience acting, and he is delighted to be making his debut with the Rivals of the West in his first production as The Plant/Audrey II.

Peter Favinger


Peter Favinger is a junior drawing major at MICA with a focus in being a exhibiting artist. He has had multiple roles in other musicals, such as Sir John Tremayne in Me and My Girl and Horton in Seussical the Musical, and he is beyond thrilled to participate in his second Rivals of the West theater production as Orin in Little Shop of Horrors.

Lauren Siminski


Lauren Siminski is a sophomore Graphic Design major at MICA and is very excited to be playing Crystal in this year’s production. Lauren has previously appeared in several musicals such as Cinderella, Seussical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Wizard of Oz, and Oliver Twist, and was also actively involved in the regional ensemble troupe Maryland Sings for 2 years.

Larissa Cortes


Larissa is a Chicago native sophomore photo major with a concentration in curatorial practice at MICA. Her outgoing and saucy personality makes her a perfect fit for the role of Ronette! She has been involved in theater ever since her years in middle school. This is Larissa’s first show with Rivals of the West Theatre Company.

Sage Viscovi


Sage Viscovi is a sophomore general fine arts major at MICA. She has sang and acted in several musical and dramatic productions, and has had major roles in shows such as Cinderella, 42nd Street, The Odd Couple, and Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. She is honored and ecstatic to play the part of Chiffon in Little Shop of Horrors.

Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown


Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown grew up in New York, NY and moved to MD to attended Baltimore School for the Arts. After graduation she returned to NY to attend School of Visual Arts (SVA). Nicoletta is currently finishing her BFA as a Film/Video student at MICA. She is very excited to be a cast member, in her first theatrical production, Little Shop of Horrors.

Sophia Pendleton


Sophia Pendleton is a Painting major with a Curatorial Studies concentration. She's been acting as long as she's been arting (as long as she can remember), and is a proudly self-proclaimed "perpetual ensemble." Little Shop of Horrors is Sophie's first production since high school and she is thrilled to dive back into the performing arts.

Romy Smith


Romy Smith is a drawing major from Brooklyn, NY. She is interested in doing art conservation and likes skeletons. She has acted in various high school productions, but this is her first musical, ever. She hopes she doesn't mess up too badly and is excited to bring the joys and terrors of a singing, talking, man eating plant to life.

Noah Packard

Mr. Mushnik

Noah Packard is a foundation year student from New York majoring in interdisciplinary sculpture. Little Shop of Horrors will be Noah’s 4th appearance in a play. He played Professor Fritz Behr in Little Women (2011), Lord Darlington in Lady Windemere's Fan (2012), and Uncle Max in The Sound of Music (2013). Noah also is a member of MICApella and performs regularly at MICA’s monthly coffee house.


Christopher Shipley


Christopher Shipley (PhD, University of Chicago) is a professor of Humanistic studies at MICA, where he has taught drama courses for nearly 30 years. In 2008 he created “The Play’s the Thing,” the cross-disciplinary course responsible for this year’s offering of Little Shop of Horrors.

Tori Munoz

Stage Manager

Tori Munoz is a Junior Art History major and Theatre concentrator. She has been involved in the MICA Thespian Club and Rivals of the West since her freshman year, mainly as a lighting technician and stage hand. Tori also works as a lighting technician at Theatre Project and Everyman Theatre. Although this is her first Rivals production as stage manager, she is confident thanks to the talent of the cast and crew, and the support of her family and friends.

Allie Stevens

Assistant Director

Allie Stephens graduated from MICA in 2012 after being an active member of Rivals of the West from it's first production, Hair, in 2008. This is her fourth production with Rivals and she is thrilled to now be working beside Christopher with such a talented team of actors, artists, musicians, and creators.

Kel Millionie

Lighting Designer

Kel Millionie is a lighting designer, scenographer, director, acrobat, coach, and teaching artist. Kel’s work as founder and artistic director of Daydreams+Nightmares Aerial Theatre (DNA Theatre) has been identified as some of the most innovative and thought provoking theatre in the Mid-Atlantic region. Kel also works as a consultant at MICA and a exhibitions lighting designer at The Baltimore Museum of Art.

Trevor Shipley

Band Leader

Trevor is pleased to be returning for his 6th season with the Rivals of the West. A Baltimore native, Trevor is a graduate of St. Mary's College of Maryland with a degree in English. In addition to his English studies, Trevor spent much of his time at school performing theater as well as composing and arranging music for the stage. Trevor would like to thank his family for their continued support in his creative endeavors.

Viki Ford-Strange


Viki Ford-Strange is a career musician. She is a professionally trained pianist in various venues including jazz, classical, rock, top-40, big band, and theatre. She currently performs as a jazz vocalist and pianist with her band Smooth Endings Jazz.

Katy Kincade

Head Costumer

This is Katy's first time doing costumes for a full-length theatre production, but she has done costumes for the rock/dance group Tia Nina, and props for Taffety Punk in DC. When she is not making things, she is enjoying time with her two teenage sons.

Austen Weitzel

Puppet Design/ Fabrication Lead

Austen Weitzel is graduating this year from MICA’s Interaction Design and Art department. He has been playing with digital 3-d printers, experimenting with replacement stop motion animation, and was delighted to be asked to build the puppets for MICA’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. He is awesome.

Frank Fantauzzi

Set Design Instructor

Frank Fantauzzi is currently a faculty member in the Department of Architecture and Environmental Design at MICA. He has taught in numerous architecture and design programs in Canada, the United States, and Finland. His work is often collaborative, and focuses on large-scale installations and outdoor constructions. His work is also multidisciplinary in nature, and explores the parallels between social and tectonic structures.

Quae Simpson

Vocal Coach

Quae Simpson is honored to be the vocal coach/ coordinator of the MICA Production of Little Shop of Horrors. He has traveled the globe producing, singing, dancing, directing and choreographing. While traveling over the years and with the invitation of the US Embassy, Quae has had the opportunity to teach at some of the most amazing Universities and Art Institutes abroad. Quae would like to thank God, his family and friends, and the entire cast and production team.


Jackson Lynch (Lead), Anne Lee, Katherine Marmion

The publicity group handles responsibilities ranging from poster design to spreading the word. Working collaboratively to utilize our diverse talents, we produced the visual identity of this season's productions, as well as establishing for the first time a cohesive aesthetic for Rivals of the West Theater Company.

Set Design

Frank Fantuazzi: Team Leader; Top Row: Alix Walburn, Jane Yoon, Rae Koch, Zae Soe, Marina Mkrtichian Bottom Row: Stacy Luskin, Cara Wohnsigl, Elise Drake, Young-In Hur

The Set Design team works with the production team and director to design and build sets for the production, from conceptual drawings and models to actual construction.

Costume Team

Katy Kincade (Team Leader), Anna Wolfe, Lynn Chung

The Costumes team is responsible for developing an image for each character and the production of the costumes.


Top Row: Stacy Luskin, Jane Yoon; Bottom Row: Young-In Hur, Marina Mkrtichian

The Lighting Design team works with the lighting director to light the production to amplify the mood set by the actors. Lighting design not only designed and hung the lights for the show but also operates them during performances.

Puppet Team

Top Row: Rebecca Herr, Austen Weitzel Bottom Row: Sydney Hudspeth, Abby Williams

The puppet team is responsible for all of the puppets used in the play, from concept to execution. They worked with both the set design team and the costume team to help bring Audrey II to life.