Fat Pig

Fat Pig is a contemporary american play written by Neil Labute. Centering around themes of body image, stereotypes, and peer pressure, LaBute provides a masterful and modern take on human relationships; digging to the core of his characters psyche to expose their true inner motivations.


Amanda Ackerman


Amanda Ackerman is a junior Art History major concentrating in Curatorial studies, with a passion for art as well music. She transferred to MICA last year from Millersville University,where she had been studying voice, in her home town of Lancaster PA. Throughout high school Amanda was involved in community theater as well as musical productions at the Performing and Fine Arts school she attended. Amanda will be graduating next spring and hopes to continue her education and experience in museum studies and programing, as well as continuing to be involved in performing arts.

Louis Fratino


Louis Fratino is a freshmen painting major at MICA. This is his first show with the Rivals of the West Company. He participated in a number of shows in high school, performing in leading roles for "South Pacific", "The Sound of Music", and "It's a Wonderful Life" to name a few. Louis is from Tracy's Landing, Maryland.

Stephanie Simon


Stephanie is a senior Interdisciplinary major, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she participated in a number of high school productions. Among her roles in "reckless" and major roles in "Les Belles Joer" and A Midsummer Night's Dream" she was also a team member of Comedy Sportz (Improv). Her most recent production was in the "Un Saddest Factory's" 10 minute play, festival in the summer of 2011. She also throws down on a sewing machine and shreds the streets on her bike in her free time.

Drew Hardy


Drew is a senior photography major at MICA. This is his second play with Rivals of West. His previous experience with theatre was working for the University of Hawaii, Hilo theatre.


Christopher Shipley


Christopher Shipley is a Professor of the Humanistic Studies Department at MICA where he has taught drama courses for over two decades. He earned a PhD in English Language and Literature from The University of Chicago in 1982 and has also taught at Penn State, The University of Maryland, and Goucher College. Shipley has twice received MICA's "Excellence in Teaching" award. He created "The Play's the Thing," the cross-disciplinary course responsible for this year's offerings of Reasons to be Pretty and Fat Pig, as well as A Streetcar Named Desire(2010), Dutchman(2010), Hair (2009) and A Midsummer Night's Dream (2010). He and his wife, Jane, a former MICA faculty member, direct MICA's Artist Residency Program in Brittany, France.

Peter Shipley


Peter Shipley grew up around theater in Baltimore. He got his start by taking classes at Fells Point Corner Theater at the age of 5 and never looked back. By the time he was a sophomore at Goucher College he was writing, directing, and acting in various productions around town. Peter feels very fortunate to have been a part of the birth of major theater at MICA. He has been directing with Rivals of the West Theatre Company since it's debut performance of "Good Thing" in 2008. This spring he is especially excited to follow last year's american classics: A Streetcar Named Desire and Dutchman with two edgy contemporary works by Neil LaBute in "Fat Pig" and "reasons to be pretty". Peter will be moving to Seattle this summer to continue on his path as a professional director. He would like to thank his family and the members and friends of Rivals of the West for their unyielding support.

Kristin McWharter

Assistant Producer

Kristin McWharter is a senior interdisciplinary sculpture major with a minor in video and film arts. She appeared in the past mica production of CLOSER as Alice, however, it was her studio work's inclination towards experimental theater that naturally lead into her role as assistant producer in her first production with Rivals of the West. The spectacle of theater production was a very exciting and beneficial experience and she plans to continue to work along side theaters in Baltimore in her post graduate career.

Emi MacLeod

Stage Manager

Emi MacLeod is a Junior Graphic Design/Art History double major with a Theatre minor. This is her third year with Rivals of the West and her second with Rivals as a stage manager. Her past experience with Rivals has given her a good foundation with present members and makes stage managing a much smoother process. Her past show experience in high school has only helped create the roots of her love of theatre, as this will be the 22nd production she has been involved in.

Rachel Jacoby

Assistant Stage Manager

This is Rachel's second show at MICA and first with The Rivals of the West. She has enjoyed learning what it takes to be a stage manager and part of a production team. Rachel hopes to participate again next year because she enjoys theater very much.

Mia Fiorentino


Mia Fiorentino, the only member of the prop team, is responsible for working in conjunction with other groups such as the set team, costumers, and the director to outfit the set for both plays with objects ranging from ashtrays to television sets. Mia has worked as an actor on two other plays with Rivals of the West, A Midsummer Night's Dream and A Streetcar Named Desire. She is a junior painting major with a minor in literary studies, and she is very excited to work in the theatre from a new angle as head of props.


Michelle Pugliese, Izzy Lawlor, Caroline Milton Natalie Drutz, Maya Graffagna (head), Tessa Mullins

The costume crew is responsible for designing, sourcing and collaborating with hair and makeup to style each character. We are all excited to bring LaBute's play to life on the MICA stage. We hope you enjoy the show.


Jess Somers (head), Nicole Surman, Jackson Lynch, Danny Well, Anne Lee

The publicity group handles responsibilities ranging from poster design to spreading the word that brought you here tonight! Working collaboratively to utilize our diverse talents, we produced the visual identity of this season's productions, as well as establishing for the first time a cohesive aesthetic for Rivals of the West Theater Company.

Lighting & Sound

Tori Munoz, Andrew Largent Roxana Shamsazar, Caroline Kim, Tori Munoz


Andy Rader, Oni Jomir

The Makeup and Hair Team is in charge of developing an image for each character by collaborating with the Costume Crew in order to create a unified and balanced persona for every actor. This process includes analyzing the plays, doing research, and coming up with sketches, plans, and techniques which cater to each character's makeup and hair requirements.

Set Design

(In no order) John Wilson (Instructor), Sarah Macor, Meredith Cole, Lisa Warren, Becky Vaughn-Geib, Owen Rocosky, Sophie Landry, Kristen McWharter, Alicia Mann, Kelsey Schneider, Caroline Kim, Lisa Kaliczak, Abbie Lee, Leslie Giron, Nick Richardson, Garrett Obrachta, Paula Hong, Jen Doyle

Majors from many diverse departments at MICA make up the set design class. Working with the producer(s), director(s) and production team, students designed and built sets for the productions, from conceptual drawings and models to actual construction. Students were divided into design teams whose ideas merged into one design solution of the many collaborative interpretations of Neil Labute's plays.